Where you can find a massage saloon


Where you can find a massage saloon

If you are like me, an expat who lives in Bucharest and comes from a different culture (I was born and raised in Sankt Pettersburg) you would certinly appreciate the diversity found in this city, the warm people, the beautifull women on th estreets and the fact that in this country (and especially in Bucharest) one can enjoy a large variety of things that won’t be possible in a lot of other countries.

Forget about day to day stress and problems

If you are really stressed (and you are a man) then I recommend finding one of those exquisite erotic massage saloons, which can be found in the city center of Bucharest or in the istoric center or Romania’s capital city. But during my long walks in the city I have found what is maybe the best erotic massage saloon that I have ever found on this planet – the Confidential erotic massage saloon, which offers not only erotic massage for couples, but also a wider selection of massages and it employs a nice variety of very beautiful girls

Different services for different tastes

Of course while someone would most likely enjoy the classical chinese massage, there are a lot of varieties of thai massage, or thai erotic massage that can be experienced in Bucharest, at the Confidential massage Parlour.

It seems that now they are also offering services for couples, which would make the sexual life of each couple a bit more spicy, and not only to those that are swingers, but also to the ones that are searching for a way of making their sexual lifes a bit more interesting

A very pleasant environment

The environment is also top notch, everything being very pleasant, starting with the lighting, continuing with the general decoration, the smell and the overall ambience.s